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Microloans ProjectThrough the microloans provided to local groups who do not have the economic resources or the guarantees to obtain a bank loan, they receive fixed amounts of money to develop self-managed economic activities, under to their own initiative.


The purpose of the microloan is that recipients achieve financial independence that allows them to develop activities according to their own lifestyle, in harmony with the environment and a quality of life that is better than a subsistence living.

The microloan amount will vary depending on the characteristics and needs of the development project and the ability of the MAPU Association.

The interest-free loan and return in kind has two advantages over a donation. The money that benefits a group can benefit another one when this money is returned. The agreement to return the money indirectly implies a commitment to the success of the project, with those undertaking the project and who have or could have other projects.

Support and training: The single initiative and the initial capital for development of a project is not enough, also information, contacts, advice, technicians, professionals, market research, etc. are needed. Through volunteers, members, supporters and contacts of the MAPU Association, we aim to provide the necessary tools for success and sustainability of projects undertaken.

Self initiative: “There is nobody better placed than the subjects of development themselves to take charge of its management in a way that is autonomous”. Good intentions do not bring a benefit when they are alien to the recipients. Thus, many projects for housing, agriculture, sanitation improvements, etc. have failed simply because the recipients of these benefits were not interested in them or did not render them beneficial. Self initiative is key to the success of any development project. Of course, initiative can be fostered and encouraged, and once it has caught on, information and tools may be added to help give it shape.

Beneficiaries: Higher priority is given to projects arising from groups of people over those of individuals. A group project implies, to a greater or lesser extent, the idea of solidarity, organization, and responsibility as a community ... that is, it tends more toward “economic solidarity,” over capitalist individualism. However, if the project of an individual is likely to benefit or to include in its activities a group of people, it will also be considered.

Each microloan will be evaluated and voted on by members of MAPU. The projects will be evaluated according to its feasibility and to the possibility for MAPU to provide technical assistance and human resources to accompany the project, at least during the initial stage.

Due to the fact that MAPU is a small organization, which is volunteer-oriented (with no paid staff) and self-managed (not receiving grants or loans); the proposed microloans will remain at a manageable scale with few human resources.

The projects will be assessed and coordinated from the headquarters of MAPU Argentina in Esquel, Chubut, and they will be evaluated and monitored online by MAPU’s voting members.

Funds for microloans are raised through membership dues, volunteering placement fees, and other activities of the MAPU Association.