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Solidarity WebsitesDue to the fact that in the Patagonia region there are organizations and groups that do not have the human or financial resources or technical knowledge needed to create a functional and professional website, MAPU Association, along with its members and on-site and virtual volunteers, has undertaken a project of development, management, hosting and maintenance of soli-webs.


The aim of the soli-webs is that organizations, groups and individuals working in the fields of environmental protection, culture and education, indigenous peoples, human rights and regional development gain presence on the Internet to promote their projects and actions, carry out awareness campaigns, gain support, raise funds, etc.

Who can request a soli-web

The beneficiaries of this project are organizations, groups and individuals in the Patagonian region of Argentina and Chile who work independently and altruistically (non-profit) in the fields of environmental protection, culture and education, indigenous peoples, human rights and regional development.

Both the development and hosting of Web sites are free for the beneficiaries.

If the beneficiary does have sufficient funding for belonging to a governmental institution, to a university or similar institution, or through subsidies, or because through the Web economic benefit is generated, a fee will be charge as a donation to the MAPU association as a donation. This amount will be allocated to projects carried out by the MAPU Association.

What are they like and how they are built

Soli-webs have pre-set parameters in terms of the systems installed, the number of pages and the features. For projects with special needs or characteristics, the details will be discussed with each beneficiary in particular.

Once the beneficiary has contacted MAPU requesting a soli-web, MAPU will consider both the project and activities reflected in the website, as well as the organization, group or individual that is carrying it out. If they agree with the philosophy and spirit of MAPU, an exchange (in person or virtual) to define the characteristics of the website will begin.

If the recipient has already organized, written and edited Web site content, the project can be completed in about four weeks.

The web sites are developed and/or coordinated by the MAPU Association office in Esquel, Chubut, Patagonian Argentina. The interaction with the beneficiaries can be done virtually via e-mail and other online communication tools, or in person at the office of MAPU.

Some of the soli-webs developed by the MAPU Association