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Asociación MAPU - About UsMAPU Association is a non-profit organization registered in Madrid, Spain, in April, 2006, and with headquaters in Esquel, Chubut, Argentinean Patagonia. MAPU Association supports and promotes the local communities’ right of free determination, the protection of human and environmental rights, and a relationship of solidarity between the Patagonian regions of Argentina and Chile in particular, and between the regions of the South and the dominant countries of the North.


In accordance with this philosophy, MAPU Association bases its activity on the organization, coordination and economic support of social development* projects and those geared towards the sustainable use of natural resources, economic solidarity and culture and education in the Patagonian regions of Argentina and Chile (*according to the definition of development and sustainability of J.M. Calvelo Rios, 1998)

The Association’s Board of Directors is currently composed of people from different countries: Argentina, Spain and Germany.

MAPU is a volunteer organization, that’s to say, it has no salaried personnel and all the activities and work it undertakes to realize its projects are voluntary and ad honorem.

MAPU Association does not receive grants from businesses or charities and is financed exclusively by the support of its members. Almost all membership fees and volunteer administration costs collected are channelled towards development projects since MAPU has no expenses and pays no salaries.

MAPU Association is completely independent of any political affiliations, religious creed, business interest or government authority.

MAPU Association

  • Registered in the National Register of Associations of Spain: Group 1, Section 1, National Number 587181
  • Legal Status in Argentina: Number 3.271
  • Articles of Association of MAPU