"El desarrollo es humano, no es de objetos sino de sujetos; no consiste en tener más, sino en ser más." - Calvelo Rios




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MAPU Association ProjectsMAPU Association plans, promotes and/or supports projects dealing with regional development, indigenous communities, environmental protection, culture and education, and international cooperation.


The projects that MAPU is involved in are not based on asistencialismo (the kind of charity which perpetrates poverty and dependence) which, though necessary in cases of catastrophic or extreme events, if applied long-term it leads to a culture of dependency and to the continuation of social inequality. Although local development often requires input from external factors in the initial stages – communication, training, human and economic resources, etc. – these should only act as facilitators to autonomy and self-management.

Thus, MAPU’s projects are based around generating opportunities for development as an endogenous, self-managed and sustainable process which strives to improve the quality of life – material, intellectual, cultural and emotional – of local communities (Calvelo Ríos, J.M., 2001).

It is difficult to pigeonhole each project into any one area (regional development, indigenous communities, environmental, culture and education, international cooperation), since they usually include elements from different categories we have used to classify them. Most of the projects include an element of international cooperation and are somewhat linked to development.

Nonetheless, for the purposes of organising the information presented here, we have classified each project according to its principal characteristics:

If you have any proposals, projects or activities that MAPU Association could help with, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. If you are interested in working on any of our projects as a member or volunteer, visit the Get Involved/Volunteering section.