"Actualmente la crueldad más grande es la indiferencia. Conocer pero no actuar es una forma de consentir las injusticias." - Elie Wiesel




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Community Radio Kalewche 90.9 FM "Culture is communication, or it is nothing" (E. Galeano)


Out of the desire to talk to the people, and to give them back their voice, came the idea to create a community radio station. The goal of Kalewche FM is to provide an alternative forum where the collective voice of the community takes centre stage; a station run by the community, for the community and that tackles issues that reflect the interests of that community.

Kalewche FM is an open and free radio. There is a high level of participation from local people both in the general organisation and in the production of programmes. The station gives people the opportunity to get involved in all aspects of radio, and the biggest beneficiaries are those with least access to the media.

Radio Kalewche FM «La Nave de los Locos» (a phantom ship) takes its name from the legend of the island of Chiloé in the Chilean Patagonia in which a ghost ship rescues the castaways, the deceased and the deranged. Once on board, they continue their life partying and expressing themselves freely. In «La Nave de los Locos» there is place for anyone who has something to say or share and who, so far has been invisible to the media.

The team working at the radio station encourages radio production at a local level, with a particular emphasis on local culture and socio-educational projects. In addition, Kalewche will be used as a vehicle to promote training, courses and workshops.

Music and radio art production, as a compliment to the rest of the station’s content, will play a fundamental role. Hence, music is especially important to the way in which the station’s content is transmitted. Radio Kalewche plays all kinds of music from all over the world. The selection is wide and varied and doesn’t depend exclusively on commercially popular music.

Kalewche FM website: www.kalewchefm.org